# 150 Dissolved Metals in Water

Dissolved Metals in Water test scale

Dissolved Metals test scale

#150 Dissolved Metals in Water

Colorimetric test strips. (1 test per strip)

Testing for Dissolved Metals, also referred to as Trace Metals, in tap water is very common and is very quick and easy with these
semiquantitative test strips. Each test strip result indicates the combined presence of heavy metals (Cu+2, Co+2, Zn+2, Cd+2, Ni+2, Pb+2, etc…) in water.

The color chart for this test allows you to read Dissolved Metals in micrograms/L (ugms/L) or parts per billion (ppb). The color chart was calibrated using mixed metals solution.

In the presence of one specific metal, or a high concentration of a specific metal, colors such as purple, red, or brown may appear. In this situation, matching levels based on color
intensity may be necessary to reach semiquantative results.

The Color Comparator Chart for this test reports mixed Dissolved Metals levels in water at:
<10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, 1000 microgms/L or ppb. (Note: concentration units are micrograms per Liter or parts per billion: ppb.)

Results are obtained from this test in 2 1/2 minutes.

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