# 165 Copper +1 and +2 in Water

Copper +1 and +2 in Water test scale

Copper +1 and +2 test scale

# 165 Copper +1 and +2 in Water

Colorimetric test strips. (1 test per strip)

Copper in drinking water is primarily from its use in plumbing
materials. These Copper test strips are suitable for testing drinking water and other water based samples for soluble copper ion. The EPA Primary Drinking Water Standard for Copper is 1 mg/L or 1 ppm.

This test strip features a patented design for accuracy and lack of interferences. Use a water sample of at least 60 ml or 2 oz.

The Color Comparator Chart for this test reports concentrations of Copper (Cu+1 Cu+2) at the following levels:
0, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 mg/L or ppm.

Results are obtained from this test in about 3 minutes.

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