Daughter is ten years old and in the fourth grade

I could really use your help. My step-daughter is ten years old and in the fourth grade. They have a science fair project to do . The topic chosen for her grade is Consumer Study. She wanted to compare Ovaltine vs. Nesquick chocolate powder, unfortunately I cannot find much information for her. Her first step is Purpose: what she wants to find out about this topic? Step 2 is the Research…. Step 3 Hypothesis… Step 4 Experiment….. Step 5 Analysis… Step 6 Conclusion… I know one student is comparing different brands of stain stick. I need any suggestions you could give me on another topic.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

A perfect project for fourth graders is to compare bottled water you buy with the tap water at
home, the school , the mall etc. You can find them on our website
www.sciencefaircenter.com then click on the “Science Fair Project Water Test Kits”.

Compare Drinking and Bottle WatersCeck out test kit #524 – Compare Drinking and Bottle Water – Beginner and
#526 – Compare Drinking and Bottle Water – Advanced

There are a couple of other similar kits on this list if you are thinking of another comparison.

I hope this helps, if you have more questions, drop another email to me,


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