My daughter is in the 7th grade and her science teacher recommended your
website as a place to get information for a water-related science fair
idea/kit. My daughter wants to test our own well water against a popular
bottled water and possibly also against the school water sample to see which
is the most healthful.

However, she isn't sure how to pose that as a scientific question for her
fair. Also, which kit makes the most sense if she wants to test 2 or 3
samples. How does her idea incorporate an independent variable or state a

Can you please help suggest a kit which would provide the testing materials
she needs, as well as help point her in the direction of what types of
questions make the most sense to be answered for a science fair? Since her
whole class won't be doing the test, it will just be for her own samples -
and those are the three drinking samples she came up with.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated; once I hear from you about which kit makes
sense, I'll order immediately. I'd help her more, but science is not my
strong suit.

Thanks so much,


I have a lot of helpful information on the website. www.sciencefaircenter.com
Scroll down the main page and you will find
the center column is an outline for a science fair and the right hand
column are some helpful pointers for non science parents.

We have several kits that could apply to your daughters idea, but it
might be much better to chat about these over the phone so you can
choose one that also meets the teachers requirements.

Give me a call and we can chat 206-440-3008, please leave your number
so I can call you back...