Science fair project measuring the difference in quality of water

My name is Zak and I am in 5th grade. I would like to do my science fair project measuring the difference in quality of
1-water that you drink from a faucet,
2- purchased bottle water, and
3-filtered water.
What tests are available to do this testing and where would I get these tests? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Hello Zak,

Sounds like you given some thought to your sciencefair project. A couple of test kits would fit your project idea. Check these out.
Check these kit in the second column:
524 – Compare Drinking and Bottle Water – Beginner
594 – Evaluate Water Filter Performance

You probably should ask your science teacher about whether you should take duplicate or triplicate samples for your experimental testing.

You should choose a kit based on the number of samples and replicates (i.e. choose 6 sets of tests to do your 3 types of samples in duplicate). Just scroll down list of tests to get the correct number.

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