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Parent Science Fair Questions

Daughter is ten years old and in the fourth grade

I could really use your help. My step-daughter is ten years old and in the fourth grade. They have a science fair project to do . The topic chosen for her grade is Consumer Study. She wanted to compare Ovaltine vs. Nesquick chocolate powder, unfortunately I cannot find much information for her. Her first step is Purpose: what she wants to find out about this topic? Step 2 is the Research…. Step 3 Hypothesis… Step 4 Experiment….. Step 5 Analysis… Step 6 Conclusion… I know one student is comparing different brands of stain stick. I need any suggestions you could give me on another topic.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

A perfect project for fourth graders is to compare bottled water you buy with the tap water at
home, the school , the mall etc. You can find them on our website then click on the “Science Fair Project Water Test Kits”.

Compare Drinking and Bottle WatersCeck out test kit #524 – Compare Drinking and Bottle Water – Beginner and
#526 – Compare Drinking and Bottle Water – Advanced

There are a couple of other similar kits on this list if you are thinking of another comparison.

I hope this helps, if you have more questions, drop another email to me,


How do the Bacteria strips work

 QUESTION?Do you have any information about what bacteria the bacterial growth indicator test strips test for and how the strips work? I am doing a science fair project and I would like the information to put in my project. Using your strips, I am testing different types of water for bacteria. ANSWER…The media technique is […] Continue reading →

Water standards for testing

 QUESTION?We purchased a test kit for my daughter, we are having a hard time finding the water standards for testing pH, alkalinity, water hardness, free chlorine and total chlorine. I see you have standards on your site for some items but these are not included and with kit it does not say or include the […] Continue reading →

Science project to test the minerals in water

 QUESTION?I am doing a science project to test the minerals in water. I am going to test water from a sink, a filter, a well, and rain water. What kit do you think I should have for this project? Any other suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thanks. Tyler ANSWER…Check out these kits on these […] Continue reading →

Water kits for my daughters third grade elementary class

 QUESTION?I am interested in your water testing kits for my daughters third grade elementary class. I am doing a science enrichment activity for 22 students. Please forward the information, cost and availability.Thanks. ANSWER…I usually make up the treatment kits to match the class project. Can you give me a description of what you have planned […] Continue reading →

Why sould we pay

 QUESTION?hi this is kaila im 11 but i was thinking if u go online and ur looking for a science fair project why sholud we pay for i mean its just to look at and get info right .so why sould we pay? ANSWER…You do not have to pay to use our website. We have […] Continue reading →

Water test for third graders science fair.

 Water test for third graders science fair. QUESTION?Looking for Water test for third graders science fair. Going to get samples from 4 states, some in the country and some in city. Please suggest the best (and cheapest) test for us. ANSWER…We have a couple of test kits that may work for you: 500 – Drinking […] Continue reading →

Bryant Elementary school science fair

 QUESTION?I just spoke with you on the phone about ordering some water test kits for the Bryant Elementary school science fair. Our school is in Seattle, near the University of Washington. Per our conversation yesterday, I have ordered six sets of water test kit #540 (environmental plus bacteria) and four sets of kit #140 (dissolved […] Continue reading →